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Why Discord should betray its bot developers.

Discord is a fast-rising platform for everyone to connect through text messages and voice. Its spin on traditional IRC and VoIP clients have made it massively popular compared to flawed products such as Skype and TeamSpeak. While these features made Discord the best product in the industry, it has yet another advantage that hasn't been emphasized by other messaging platforms. Discord supports 3rd party bots on its platform that can perform a lot of tasks.

Hack The North 2020++

So this past weekend I participated in Hack The North 2020++. I first learned about Hack The North from 2019-2020 computer club president talking about it on the club Discord server. I then planned to participate in HTN in 2020, but unfortunately the pandemic happened and it got delayed.

Greetings. (Again.)

Hello again. Long time no see.

CVMS Graduation

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CVMS Graduation Awards Ceremony

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CVMS End of the Year Class Party and Track Day

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Grad Trip CVMS Grade 8

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CVMS Open House Carnival

So my school has an annual open house to show all the Grade 5s who will be moving on to middle school. There is a carnival in the open house and our job was to create a game and run it and collect as many tickets (sold at the entrance) as possible. Now time travelling back to 2018, CVMS had another carnival called "Eco-Carnival" where we were to build carnival games out of recyclable materials. It was fun. I pretended to be a player and made the game look popular.

CVMS Spring Concert

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Time Travel: Elementary Graduation

Okay, I just noticed that my graduation post didn't include the details of the graduation so I am going to recall the events of the graduation.

School walkout

I normally don't get political here, but because this is an important issue, I can not not create a post on this.

Konnect Camp 2019

Yesterday I came back from the Konnect Mentorship Camp 2019. The Konnect Camp is a weekend camp for high school students, who's ethnic group is Korean Canadian. It was a fun experience. On March 9th Saturday, I boarded the bus at Earl Haig. An hour and 40 minutes later, we arrived at Braeside Camp. Then the camp started with the introduction of the leaders of the Konnect camp. We did an icebreaker and was divided into four groups. We then made our cheers and did a survival game thing where we imagine that we are on an island, and then we are to select a few items from a list of 20 survival items, and then later present in front of everybody else. Then we did our career mapping, where we wrote about our values and what we aspire to become. After that, we had this activity named, "Anonymous Confession." We basically wrote down our concerns for our school, family, and self on a sticky note, and then formed into groups, and read other people's confessions. We then had dinner. Most of the activities in the camp resembled those above. However, there were a few activities that I liked more.

A very rare coincidence.

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FLL CVMS Viperbots 1 Regional Competition

So two days ago I woke on at 6:30 to get to school before 7:15 to go to a First Lego League(FLL) regional competition. The competition was hosted by Westview Centennial Secondary School. There were two teams from our school, Viperbots 1, and Viperbots 2. We got there in one of the Viperbot 2's team member's parent's car with others and waited for others to arrive. (I was in Team Viperbots 1!)

FLL 2018 'Space Exploration': Solution to space radiation

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MaCS Program Entrance Exam

Edit (2019 Feb 9): I got into MaCS!

Time Travel: Clayton Park

We walked in a town of Cloverdale(Clayton). We walked toward the new high school. We turned around to a small road to a familiar place that we've all visited last year: Clayton Park! We put our bags on the ground and listened to instructions and boundaries. Then they told us we are free to go. We all said, "Not it!", as we've done it for the past few weeks, and shouted someone out as the "it" for manhunt(Oh how I regret not joining the first manhunt game after school at Hillcrest), and ran off into the woods. We hid, and we ran.

Cross Country

Today I participated in a cross country competition. AND I GOT INTO TOP 77 OUT OF AROUND 82 PEOPLE OMG OMG OMG XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

Time Travel: Playland

I arrived at school. The atmosphere was frenzy. We all were separated into groups. I went into a car with a woman with one tooth on it which was smiling, whom I joked that the woman looked like Baldi. (Only who were in the car to the Playland with me will know what it is) We now arrived. We get off. We walk. We walk to the stadium. We sit. We wait. We get a paper bracelet. We put it on. We walk to our school area. We listen to instructions. We get dismissed.

Webgma Accident

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I arrived in Toronto! Yay. So there's definitely fewer greens here. When I first arrived here, it just got this impression that Toronto is very similar to Korea. Stores are closer, subway stations are closer, everything is in foot range. I live in a condominium now. It's nice living in a condo in the sky after living on the ground for 3 years. We went to IKEA and got bunch of drawers and couch. My condo is beside this big street named "Yonge street" We walked far on the streets because we didn't have a car. But yesterday, the car that we mailed to Toronto from Vancouver arrived! So we went to pick up the car, and while we are checking the car for any scratches and dents, some employee of the service we used closed the parking lot that we were in, which was surrounded by a fence. We had to wait there for an hour before somebody came and unlocked the gate. It was somewhat fun and mostly boring and scary but it's memorable so its good. So everything well and okay in Toronto and things are going okay.

Unreal: Last day in Vancouver (w/ Time Travel!)

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Things do come to an end.

You know, time goes pretty fast. When summer school started my grade 6 and 7 teacher, Mrs. Middleton told my class that there were only 10 weeks of school left. I was surprised that there was a little bit of school left ahead of us, but it went by so quickly! I thought grad was going to be far away, but it just came! I was told that I was going to Camp Luther when summer break started, and I thought that it would be far away before the time for me to go to Camp Luther would come because it was almost a month away, but it came quickly! When I went to the camp, I thought that it would be kind of long because I would spend a week there. But it just went by quickly. What I am saying here is that time will go fast, and things don't last, and they do and have to come to an end someday. Today, I said goodbye to my friend, Stalepillow. I first met him about three years ago, and we became friends after, but now I have to say goodbye to him and other people. It was fun meeting new people here in Vancouver, but things do have to come to an end. Things don't last forever. So, shouldn't we try to enjoy our life like tomorrow will be the last day of the universe? Thats what I think. If we procrastinate infinitely, someday the chance to do something will disappear. So before the chance flies away, I think we need to do things when I have the chance.

Amazing People

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Elementary Celebration (Graduation)

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Human Greed

Human greed has brought the humanity to where we are right now, but it has caused some problems. Over time, our greed has expanded from demanding little, to demanding so much more. For example, a roller-coaster where a kindergartener would laugh at nowadays was the scariest thing you would find in an amusement park back in the old days, even to an adult. Similarly, the media you would find online, on the TV, etc. has been getting more stimulating than before. Now, is this a good thing for the humanity? To me, I think this could lead us to humanity's doom. You see, we are constantly looking for a better experience of the world, and when we do that, we take up more resources than before, and then we want more and more. Our greed is just like a train without a break. It gets faster and faster, yet it never stops. Now if we keep going this way, something negative would happen to the humanity. Our resources would be depleted, and there would be a lot of people still wanting more. So the solution would have to reverse our greed and make the humanity humbler. But so what? Everyone will point at each other and say that the others aren't humble, so why should themselves be humble? This is another problem caused by the humanity. We tend to be selfish. Everyone is selfish in some way, it's just how selfish? We kids ask for the latest phone or a gaming console on Christmas, yet many kids in Africa die of malnutrition. We also buy the latest products, when we still have fully functional ones. We turn on the heater and the air conditioner when we could just wear more clothes or wear shorts. We use cars to get to places fast when we could just use a public transport or a bike. And, all of this is bound to harm humanity soon, because climate change caused by us, will cause natural disasters. Either way, we as a humanity have a big problem right now. So what solutions do we have? "Right now, the politicians and the scientists are working it out." So, if we un-sugarcoat that statement, it means that there is no solution currently. Also, when our resources get depleted, what would we do? Would we team up and share our left-overs? No, countries would start a war and try to take over all resources. Even with a doom looming over the humanity, we would just start another war.

Band Performance

Today, we did band performance. I was very VERY nervous before the performance, but during it, I was focused on the music, so my fears went away. The fears I had before the performance wasn't that big, but it frightened me still. I am looking toward to next performance in June.

My thoughts on 'Boys 4 Real'

‘Boys 4 Real’ is an after-school program that ‘equips’ pre-teens with skills that will help them in high school. The program is run by YWCA, and is a companion for a similar program, ‘Welcome to my life’. Which is basically the same thing for girls. We meet at Clayton Secondary School at Tuesdays, and do whatever that’s related to the day’s subject, and after we are done, we merge with the girl group, and we work on the community service project. The community service part is what we spend our time before we leave. So far we were just brainstorming ideas on what we might do to help our community. We also have gym time every week. Today’s topic was healthiness. We discussed about healthy relationships, body, and mind. Our group discussed about healthy relationships. After that, we made healthy snacks. We splitted into 3 groups and made Guacamole, Smoothie, and Yogurt. My group made Yogurts, and when we were finished we tasted other groups’ foods. Then we did community service project, we got together in groups, and our temporary groups for today was just people from my school, Hillcrest! I shared my ideas of educating people about the environment. I also shared my teacher’s idea from community service project at school from last year, about selling coupons for local stores, and finally, I shared what I did in Grade 5: Young Entrepreneurs project(YE). The YE is about creating products, and selling them on a day. Back in Grade 5, I didn’t understand that I had to design my product, so I sold Google Cardboard in YE. So that was it for today’s session for ‘Boys 4 Real’. I think the program is good, and deserves more participants because there was only 11 boys in the program. The girls did sign up for their program more and the waitlist had to be made. I think everyone who is worried about high school should be in the program, because it’s educational, and fun.

CCC Competition

I participated in the Canadian Computing Competition(CCC). The CCC is a programming competition as the name suggests. The competition is three hours long, and in that period, the contestants are to write programs for 5 different problems. The problems usually are about calculating all possibilities for an activity. The fifth problem gets really hard. In this contest, I got 60/75 points, and the cut-line for Honourable Mentions was 61 points, which I was very disappointed about. However out of 3017 junior contestants, I got top 80, which is top 3% of the participants, and that was unbelievable to me at first. So, I am happy, but disappointed at the same time, so I promised to myself that I will do better next year.

About me.

You know, I haven't posted who I am in my blog. So I am going to do that now.


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