Welcome to Paul's Blog

This is where I put down my thoughts occasionally.

About me.

You know, I haven't posted who I am in my blog. So I am going to do that now.

I am a 12 year kid who lives in B.C. Canada. I code as my hobby. I develop chat bots.

Yeah. Find me on Github: https://github.com/hillcrestpaul0719

These are my chat bots:

Enigma Bot

Enigma Bot is my bot that is available in many social networks or chat platform.

Youtube: Enigma Bot

Google+ Enigma Bot

Email (Not available anymore): enigmabot6710@gmail.com

Skype (Not available anymore): Addison A.

Telegram: Telegma

Discord: Disgma

Developer Preview

Discord: Devgma

Yeah. I will update this post soon. Please keep an eye out!