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My thoughts on 'Boys 4 Real'

‘Boys 4 Real’ is an after-school program that ‘equips’ pre-teens with skills that will help them in high school. The program is run by YWCA, and is a companion for a similar program, ‘Welcome to my life’. Which is basically the same thing for girls. We meet at Clayton Secondary School at Tuesdays, and do whatever that’s related to the day’s subject, and after we are done, we merge with the girl group, and we work on the community service project. The community service part is what we spend our time before we leave. So far we were just brainstorming ideas on what we might do to help our community. We also have gym time every week. Today’s topic was healthiness. We discussed about healthy relationships, body, and mind. Our group discussed about healthy relationships. After that, we made healthy snacks. We splitted into 3 groups and made Guacamole, Smoothie, and Yogurt. My group made Yogurts, and when we were finished we tasted other groups’ foods. Then we did community service project, we got together in groups, and our temporary groups for today was just people from my school, Hillcrest! I shared my ideas of educating people about the environment. I also shared my teacher’s idea from community service project at school from last year, about selling coupons for local stores, and finally, I shared what I did in Grade 5: Young Entrepreneurs project(YE). The YE is about creating products, and selling them on a day. Back in Grade 5, I didn’t understand that I had to design my product, so I sold Google Cardboard in YE. So that was it for today’s session for ‘Boys 4 Real’. I think the program is good, and deserves more participants because there was only 11 boys in the program. The girls did sign up for their program more and the waitlist had to be made. I think everyone who is worried about high school should be in the program, because it’s educational, and fun.