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Elementary Celebration (Graduation)

This post was updated. It is finalized

10:35 AM Update

I am excited, I have this strange feeling in me that I can't describe. It's unreal. It feels like a dream. I remember my first day of school. When I woke up, my mom was at my bed, with a bunch of paper that had a list of names. She went through them, and she found my name. It said that I was in Division 1-1 (Grade 1, Division 1), and my number was 7. I reluctantly went to school. I went to my division and met my teacher. I gradually got used to school, and I got my first crush (don't judge me please). I also remember when I fell and cried. A grade 6 girl helped me get to first aid room. I wonder, was I a good example for primary kids to follow? Finally, I have this memory of me looking in at a grade 6 class (In Korea grade 6 is the most senior class in Elementary Schools), and I thought, "That stuff looks hard. How will I get through that stuff?" But I did it. I got through grade 7 and finished Elementary School successfully. Today would be my second-to-last day in Elementary School, and it's sad. I am going to miss my friends and teachers. But I will have to move on in my life.

9:43 PM Update

So I went to the graduation party organized by the parents, and it was lit (fun). It was interesting because it was three hours that was amazing but that won't ever return again. My mom told me that I shouldn't hide in a corner and not dance. She told me that it's worthless to spend that precious three hours like that. However sadly, my friends spend that time bottle-flipping. I am not sure if they enjoyed doing that, but I am sure they could have spent that three hours better. I vlogged during the party. I sometimes wondered, wouldn't it be better if I enjoyed that moment instead of walking around with my phone, trying to capture everything?

June 28 (The next day) Update

So school is officially over, but I am quite sad. My friends and I kept saying, "This is the last time I will (something)." Three years at Hillcrest. It's sad to leave. But Mrs.Wilson, who was at this school for 18 years, who retired today, how sad would she be? Anyways, I got a medallion for winning Gauss Contest, and I am happy. I will miss Hillcrest and just being in elementary school in general, but the time has come for me to move into High School. It feels like days ago, and a long time since I started grade one back in Korea, but it's surprising how time goes so fast. Maybe it's the best thing to embrace this and try to spend our time wisely. But the thing is, we make mistakes all the time. We will sometime, spend our time unwisely someday. So why not make those mistakes now, and when times goes so fast later in life, we don't make the same mistakes.