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Amazing People

Note: This was supposed to be published yesterday on July 18th. Thanks.

Here in Vancouver Canada, I have met some pretty amazing people. However, sadly I am moving to Toronto, which means I would have to say goodbye to all those people. I've said farewell to some people already, unfortunately. I've said goodbye to my coach, Ryan, who taught me and my friends Floorball, I've said goodbye to my math tutor, my teacher who taught me for two years who was the best teacher I've ever had, and today, I had my last meeting with my scout leaders, Kevin and Traci. They really helped me go to new places in BC and they have introduced me to Geocache and Munzee. They really are great people. Today's meeting sadly had few people, so I wasn't able to have the opportunity to say goodbye to many other people, such as Scouter Tom, and other scouts. I am yet to say goodbye to my friends and my neighbours, but I will have to soon. You see, humans are designed to be social. We are engineered to find our people. When I first came here, it was HARD. Yet, I started to find some people, and I did make friends. It feels unreal to me that this routine I had for 3 years is changing now. It often does feel like things in life continues forever, but it doesn't. Nothing ever lasts forever. I am spending time in Vancouver like I will never come again. I am trying to enjoy this current moment as best as I can. I am currently living like I won't be in Vancouver tomorrow. To me, I realized that I should try to enjoy every moment in life as possible because it might never return again. Because, who knows what might end suddenly?