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Things do come to an end.

You know, time goes pretty fast. When summer school started my grade 6 and 7 teacher, Mrs. Middleton told my class that there were only 10 weeks of school left. I was surprised that there was a little bit of school left ahead of us, but it went by so quickly! I thought grad was going to be far away, but it just came! I was told that I was going to Camp Luther when summer break started, and I thought that it would be far away before the time for me to go to Camp Luther would come because it was almost a month away, but it came quickly! When I went to the camp, I thought that it would be kind of long because I would spend a week there. But it just went by quickly. What I am saying here is that time will go fast, and things don't last, and they do and have to come to an end someday. Today, I said goodbye to my friend, Stalepillow. I first met him about three years ago, and we became friends after, but now I have to say goodbye to him and other people. It was fun meeting new people here in Vancouver, but things do have to come to an end. Things don't last forever. So, shouldn't we try to enjoy our life like tomorrow will be the last day of the universe? Thats what I think. If we procrastinate infinitely, someday the chance to do something will disappear. So before the chance flies away, I think we need to do things when I have the chance.