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Unreal: Last day in Vancouver (w/ Time Travel!)

This was supposed to be posted yesterday on July 30th.

So I said goodbye to three of my friends today. Sad.

I said goodbye to Goldenlemon(pete), Anime is Toxic(Gman13), Guinoala(Squishy fire guy), Angelic Potatoes. I hugged them. I said goodbye. I was at Brenden's, and I went to Cactus Club Cafe with Brenden's Family. I ate dinner at Cactus Club Cafe with them and played Minecraft with Brenden before I had to go. I came back. I saw my messy home, without proper furniture and things packed. Still, things seemed to me that I wasn't leaving my home in Vancouver tomorrow at 9 PM forever. It felt unreal to me that I would be leaving Vancouver tomorrow. It doesn't seem real. Now I got things in front of my eyes, yet my mind still refuses to believe all of this. How can this be possible? I think it's my emotional part of my brain functioning right now. Rationally, I wouldn't be thinking, "Oh I will be leaving tomorrow.". But my brain is irrational right now. It's saying "Oh I think I might be leaving for a vacation tomorrow". Now, now, why is it thinking irrationally? Moving to another city is something I have experienced before. But knowing that I will leave my friends back when I am moving is not an experience I have known before. Because my brain encountered something it didn't encounter before, maybe it decided to default back to the irrational, emotional part of the brain. That is my theory. Anyways, I am still confused and sad. Help me, please.

Edit: This is a mini time travel part of this post newly added on Nov 17 of 2018.

So the day of my departure, I went back to Goldenlemon's because I forgot my phone there. I suggested to Goldenlemon, if he and I wanted to go to Peachwave together. He agreed, and we went to Peachwave. We got some yummy frozen yogurt. I pulled out two gift cards. Those were the ones I received at birthday parties that I went to. However, I realized that one of them was used. Luckily Goldenlemon had brought his own money. (Sorry Goldenlemon!) We walked back and played some Fortnite and said the last goodbye to him. I walked home and on the way back, I heard a word. "Paul!" I turned around. It was Gman13! He and his dad were in their car. They offered to drive me home, and I was grateful, but I refused because I wanted to look around Cloverdale for the last time. We hugged and we said farewell. While I was walking back, the sun was starting to set. I gave one last hard look at Hillcrest Elementary School and left. When I came back home, I met some Korean friends I made at scouts. I played with them and waited for my landlord to come. At nine, my landlord came. We chatted and we said farewell. We got picked up by the airport taxi. As the van left the town of Cloverdale, my memories seemed to fade away. As we drove on highway 99(I think), the sun went below horizon and the sky was dark purple. We finally arrived at the airport. We checked in and saw the duty-free area. This also brought back memories, from my trip to Vancouver to the USA trip. When we were going through the security check, we realized that we were late. We panicked. Then right after the security customs, there was a man with an airport electric cart waiting for us. He asked us if we were Seongok Park and Kyunghan Lee. After we confirmed this, the man told us that he would escort us to the boarding gate. We quickly went through the airport duty-free area and there we were, at the gate. However, there was a line before the gate, but somehow we got to go in first. (I think it was for a different plane now.) We boarded the plane, and we settled in. After a while, the plane took off. Upon seeing the nighttime view of Vancouver, countless memories in the Greater Vancouver Area touched my soul once again.


I woke up. We were now soon going to land at the Toronto Pearson Airport. We landed safely, and I set my foot on the other side of the continent.