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I arrived in Toronto! Yay. So there's definitely fewer greens here. When I first arrived here, it just got this impression that Toronto is very similar to Korea. Stores are closer, subway stations are closer, everything is in foot range. I live in a condominium now. It's nice living in a condo in the sky after living on the ground for 3 years. We went to IKEA and got bunch of drawers and couch. My condo is beside this big street named "Yonge street" We walked far on the streets because we didn't have a car. But yesterday, the car that we mailed to Toronto from Vancouver arrived! So we went to pick up the car, and while we are checking the car for any scratches and dents, some employee of the service we used closed the parking lot that we were in, which was surrounded by a fence. We had to wait there for an hour before somebody came and unlocked the gate. It was somewhat fun and mostly boring and scary but it's memorable so its good. So everything well and okay in Toronto and things are going okay.

This is quite rushed.