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Webgma Accident

This blog post was supposed to be posted 2 days ago, which is the day PythonAnywhere replied to my ticket

And, this is rushed so please be aware of that please.

So I deleted the home directory of my server that I was using to host my website, and as I was using SQLite3, it also deleted my database for my site too. I was using it to store all the information my site generated accidentally. Which is very very unfortunate. All my users, all my blog posts, and my comments, polls, to-dos, MIBs, were GONE. I contacted PythonAnywhere, which was the host for my website, and tried to gather as much as a backup there was on the internet (Some Google Cached pages and the Internet Archive, but it was very helpful. THANK YOU GOOGLE AND INTERNET ARCHIVE!) and had a bit of a breather.

I tried to stay positive because I realized that there was no value in just being frightened because it would just make my feeling worse and would not solve anything. When I realized what I had done, there was a feeling that overswept me that was a very frightening experience. It was as if I was going down on a roller coaster, but it's much scarier because you know that once you go on it, you never come out. Something you worked on for around 4-5 months, just gone! The next thought I had was that I was thankful for what happened. Confused? I realized that if I was really unfortunate, I wouldn't be having this problem. Instead, I would be worried about living and finding food, and whether if I would survive tomorrow. The problem I met was a first world problem, which usually we find very bad and problematic when there are third world problems which is much more grave on a new level. Also, with this, I realized the importance of backing up my important files. If this accident didn't happen, this might have happened later on when I could have lost much more important files. The important thing about this incident is that this is a learning experience!

The next day PythonAnywhere replied to my ticket. They said they had a backup before the damage. PHEWWWWWWW! I was very fortunate. I hope this never happens again, and hopefully, people would learn from my mistake. Once I read a story about a man who deleted a database of a company with thousands of customers. Like 200,000 users. Very unlucky. It was all because of one incorrect line of code, and that deleted the entire company. I wish him luck for other adventures he partakes in.

When I heard this story I thought that it wouldn't happen to me, and it did. I was planning to move to DigitalOcean to host my website, and what if I did? Would they back up my files for me? Who knows if it weren't for PythonAnywhere,? So go and back up your important files and don't get into the same situation, and be grateful for the things around you. Have a nice day, and GOD BLESS PYTHONANYWHERE AND ITS STAFFS!