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Time Travel: Clayton Park

We walked in a town of Cloverdale(Clayton). We walked toward the new high school. We turned around to a small road to a familiar place that we've all visited last year: Clayton Park! We put our bags on the ground and listened to instructions and boundaries. Then they told us we are free to go. We all said, "Not it!", as we've done it for the past few weeks, and shouted someone out as the "it" for manhunt(Oh how I regret not joining the first manhunt game after school at Hillcrest), and ran off into the woods. We hid, and we ran.


We hear a loud airhorn(I am not sure if it was an air horn, but okay), and we went back to the picnic table we started in. We had BBQ lunch(which was just hotdog with chips and pop). We went back. I kept playing Manhunt. I found Diamonddino and Johnnyegg with a bunch of girls from school. I followed them from behind, but not with them because I had nothing to do. Then wandered off and then I heard a metallic sound from below. I stepped on a metal object! I thought that I could probably place it near me so that I would be notified immidiately when someone comes near me. So I decided to keep it with me. Then I ditched it nearby the opening close to the baseball diamond in the park and walked around.

Soon I saw Stalepillow. We decided to join together. Then I mentioned the metal object. We decided to go find it, and we couldn't. Then the day ended, and we looked forward to the Playland trip.