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MaCS Program Entrance Exam

Edit (2019 Feb 9):

I got into MaCS!

Today I took the MaCS entrance exam. The MaCS program is a specialized program that offers an enriched curriculum in Math, Science, and Technology. When I first got there, we had to register. The line up was very long! However, the line progressed quickly. The line went into the school gym, and there and registrants were to line up by the first letter of their last name before each registration booth. I thought that my line would be long because there was gotta be a lot of registrants with the last name starting with L. When I entered the gym, I noticed that the letters were grouped together. I looked at the 'L' booth. They had a separate booth for just L! (Take an L) We went outside the gym and waited in the hallway before the test. I met few people that I met before while waiting. Then at 9:40, 20 minutes before the test, I went back to the gym and waited 5 minutes. The grade 8s were split into three groups. My group went to the small gym. Then, we got instructed, and I began.

The exam was surprisingly easy! It just required some common sense. There were two parts to the test. The first one was 47 multiple choice questions, and the second, an essay. I think I nailed my multiple choice questions. It was quite easy. As for the essay, however, I think I wrote a dangerous essay. So, there were two choices of subjects for the essay. The first one was: 'Should high school students be allowed to vote?' and the second one was, 'If you see a kid getting teased or bullied, what would you do?' I chose the former. I was supposed to write the essay double-spaced, however, I forgot that, and I wrote my first paragraph. After I wrote two sentences in the second paragraph, I realized my mistake and proceeded to delete my paragraphs. I made similar mistakes three times, and this cost me 15 minutes out of 90 minutes for the test(Very expensive! That 15 minutes could have been used to check my answers for the multiple choice questions!) When I was writing my essay, I thought that some teens don't have the ability to make good judgements. So I wrote about discouraging those who aren't serious about the election. After the exam, I told my mom what I wrote. My mom was surprised when I told her what I wrote about my essay. She told me that it was highly unethical to discourage uneducated people from voting. Then I realized my mistake.

If I were to give a tip to grade 8s writing the exam, here are some.

• Every few minutes, check to see if you made any stupid mistakes(Like, writing answer on the ORM sheet incorrectly.)
• Try to finish multiple choice questions in 30 minutes.
• Finish your essay with 15 minutes left in the test.
• Use that remaining 15 minutes to check your answers.
• For math, study with the questions from math competitions. You will nail it.
• For science, study with your science textbook. The questions will be about the scientific inquiry and its process. Study the Skills Handbook section of your textbook, and if possible, the vocabularies too. However, studying the skills handbook would be sufficient.
• Good luck!

By the way, I have this gut feeling that I am going to get into the MaCS program.