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A very rare coincidence.

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Let me tell you a story I think I have never told you guys before. So last January, I was attending this coding workshop thing that taught the R programming language. Note that this was in Korea. Now, the attendees were divided into 7 groups. Each group had its own mentor. Now, because this stuff was easy, my mentor decided to email me an example of an R program, so I can learn more. I showed her my email (My enigmatic.network email) and she proceeded to send me the email. After that, she asked me to confirm if I received the email or not. Because my enigmatic.network email forwards all emails to my Gmail account, I proceeded to log in to my Gmail. Now, back in grade 6, when I created my Google account, I decided to put my school name in my Gmail address, because I thought that maybe sometime in the future, someone might recognize the school name, and I was right. When I typed in my Gmail address, my mentor recognized it and asked me if it was a school name. It turned out that she studied abroad at the same school in 2010, in grade 5! Isn't this such a rare coincidence? Meeting an older alumnus a few thousand kilometres away from the school? I asked her if the school she went to was in the city the school I went to was in, and she said yes!

Life is such a fickle thing. I could have decided not to put my school name in my Gmail account, I could have not attended my previous school, I could have not attended the coding workshop, I could have gotten a different mentor, and my mentor could have not decided to send me examples of R programs! What were the chances of this happening? Out of 7.5 billion people in the world, what are the chances of meeting an older alumnus a few thousand kilometres away from the school?

This question, I will search for an answer for the rest of my lifetime.