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CVMS Spring Concert

This is rushed, so watch out for errors.

Today there was the Cummer Valley Middle School Spring Concert. Yay.
I am in CVMS Band. We played Regal March, New World Symphony, Alpha Squadron. The Strings played four songs and they much more advanced than the Band. My friend, M.C. is in Chamber Strings. This concert had much more people than in the last one. The cafeteria was filled. People gathered beside the cafeteria entrance and waited until 6:20 PM to get in to get ready for the concert which started at 7:00 PM. We did pretty nice, except that I wasn't able to keep up with the song at times, which isn't surprising because I missed around 5 practices, but I did okay. According to M.C., the other people in Chamber Strings which had the same instrument stopped playing and he was the only one playing with this instrument, and he was very nervous. Mr. Wang, the teacher responsible for the CVMS Strings and Chamber Strings, made funny movements when finishing the songs. After the Strings and the Band finished, we went to the music room behind the stage, and we disassembled our instruments. Some people decided to stay in the Band and Strings room until the concert ended or leave, but I decided to listen to the Choir and the grade 6 String and Band. The choir was very good. They sang three beautiful songs (four if you could the initial do-re-mis). I remember the last song they sang, and it was "Count on Me." The grade 6 String played "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and they kind of didn't sync with one another. The grade 6 Band played, "Row the Boat" (I'm not entirely sure what the song name exactly was), and the instruments created unpleasant noises frequently, like constantly, but every musicians start somewhere don't they? Anyways, after the concert, my friend, M.C. saw Chamber Strings going upstage to play the last song and ran back to the music room to get upstage late, but he did it in time. The concert then ended, and we cleaned up. Mr. Wang gave out prizes. Then we started to go home. I walked with M.C.. He told me that last year CVMS had a band teacher named, Mrs. Huge-Tomsic, who was an amazing band teacher, who, along with 5 other teachers left CVMS last year. M.C. also told me that he is going to TDSB All-City Ensemble String to play some more advanced songs on May 2nd. I kind of regret not joining All-City Band.

During the last few months, I had some doubts on band. I do not know much about music theory and this started to bother me. I considered quitting band. For my high school grade 9 course selection sheet. I put band as my second choice for optional course. I thought it would be too complicated for me. Looking back, I am really glad that I didn't quit band and I regret putting band as my second choice for optional course, because I now understand the importance of music. There is a clear difference between playing music and listening to them. When you are listening, you are immersed into with other musicians and get interconnected with one another. You become the music. I forgot to recognize this for a long time now, and I deeply reget this. Onward, I believe I will use this occasion as a reminder that music is important and an integral part of everyone's life.

Also because I am staying over at someone else's house because my mom went to Korea to stay over at my Dad's, neither of my parents could attend the concert. I was hoping they would come, since the last CVMS concert, neither of my parents could come for the same reasons. I hope they or at least my mom or my data can attend the next one.