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Grad Trip CVMS Grade 8

This post was rushed. It may contain errors.

We just went on a grad trip for grade 8 yesterday. We went to Camp Robin Hood for the day. I went to the school, and only 11 (or 10) out of 28 people in our classroom was present! I believe around 1/3 or 1/2 of the entire grade 8 student body came to the trip. We waited for the bus and we left at 9 AM. The bus ride took around 30 minutes. We got there and we first went inside a white dome. We did bunch of activities such as group rock, scissors, papers that is like tag (I do not know this game's name). And this weird game where we partner up and move to other sides of the room and each round run up to meet each other at the middle and we pose whatever pose the camp leaders tell us and go back to the sides one the leaders say "watermelon." (I do not know the name for this game either!) Then we separated into groups. I was in group 2. There were four groups and we each rotated in each section. We first went to do this activity where we as a team (group 2), carried a dodge ball or a tennis ball by putting them on a elastic band with strings attached to pull on it. We were somewhat successful. The first time we did it, we didn't know that we couldn't put the ball inside the elastic band and carry it. It was fun. After the activity, we played Squirt (or Splat) and this reaction game where we are supposed to catch a ball when the ball gets thrown to us and not react when it's faked. After these two games, we moved to the shooting range for archery, and. It was okay. Mrs.Chester was very good at archery. Then we went to rock climbing. M.C. and C.L. was exceptional at this. I only did the ladder, firecracker, and the side wall climbing. We had lunch after, which consisted of hamburger, pop, chips, and apple, and for seconds they provided us with hot dogs. The grade 8s rested for a bit at the basketball court beside the cafeteria, and went on our stations again. We first went to the spider web, where everyone had to go through holes surrounded by strings without touching them without someone going through a hole someone else has already gone before. After the activity, we had a balance beam where everyone had to go on and tried to balance the beam, we had it for few brief moments, but we weren't able to sustain it. Our final activity was 9 squares. I think that activity was pretty fun. We met back at the white dome, and we got freezies and after that it was time to return.

Back at Cummer, we had around 20 minutes, so we played manhunt with: me, M.C., J.Z., J.Lu, J.Luk, K.N., A.L., J.T., R.W., A.D., E.R., etc. and after the game my energy was drained completely, but it was fun.

So my thoughts on the trip? Well, it was fun except that a lot of other people couldn't join us, and the trip was way to short. Also because we were divided into four groups, we weren't able to interact with other groups at all except for in rock climbing as we also had another group with us.

For CVMS, the grad trip for grade 8s has always been a trip to Ottawa. However, the new principal, Mrs.Lerner, have said that the trip was too expensive, as it costs $550 this year. So she decided that we should go to this camp called Camp Manitou, for about three days and two nights. However the teachers have cited troublesome students as the reason for this mediocre trip. They didn't want to spend three days with annoying students. I do understand their feelings, but I don't think it was a good decision. Anyhow, all the troublemakers from the school didn't come to the trip because it was "too expensive." (About $50) Turns out the current grade 8 students went to a end of the year trip to another camp for three days. They said it was awesome. Best of all, the trip cost about $75, which is really cheap compared to this camp. I'm not really sure what my opinions are on the camp, but I think it's mostly happiness with a trace of disappointment.

By the way, next week we are having parties and celebrations all week, so I'll keep this blog updated. I haven't updated this blog within weeks, so I really have to keep this alive.