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CVMS End of the Year Class Party and Track Day

Surprisingly, this post is not checked for errors.
Also, this post was meant to be posted yesterday.

Today, our class had a party. The party was mostly just playing video games with friends. Mr. Isaacs brought her daughter. People brought 7 Up and Chips and Oreo. Me, M.C. and K.N. started playing diep.io. I joined in. It was mostly fun. I played for 30 minutes and then went to get food. The food was great, it was just sweet and savoury. We kept playing, and then started to watch funny videos on Youtube with M.C. and K.N.. Then it was recess. I had some trouble during the recess as I couldn't see things properly, as I lost my glasses with its legs gone. I came back and did another round of diep.io and some other .io games. After that, it was perio 5, and we went out to do some sport activities. We had 100m, 400m, 400m relay, for boys and girls separately, and co-ed 400m relay and tug of war. Our class, 8A, won all the relay races and the tug of war. We went back and had another one hour of party. We got our report cards, and then it was time to leave.

I calculated my average, and began to leave. I left the school at 3:40, a full 20 minutes after the school ended. My mom was waiting outside and she was angry at me because I took too long to come outside. We were supposed to go and get an eye exam! We missed the exam, as we booked a reservation. But since my mom didn't tell me about it beforehand before she placed a reservation, I think the blame shouldn't be on me.