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CVMS Graduation Awards Ceremony

Rushed again.

Today we had our graduation awards ceremony. We had Math Awards, Scholastic Challenge Awards, Sports Award, Most Growth Award (e.g. in math, sports). I received #1 in school for Lagrange (I also got a medal for it!) and Gauss Contest (I tied with R.T.). Got a distinction award for Scholastic Challenge and CCC Junior division. I think I got the most awards or certificates in all of graduating students. Anyways, that was that, and the ceremony was over.

After that we had the dress rehearsal for our Graduation Ceremony tomorrow. We were told that we are to improvise how we sit as they didn't know what the layout of the grad ceremony would be like. We went through pretending to hand out diplomas for everyone. It was period 4 after the dress rehearsal, and we were to go to our normal period classes. It was French, but we were allowed to do anything we wanted to do. I played some card games with M.C.

We had a normal lunch. After lunch, we (8A SAG) went to the science classroom to meet Mr. Gonos and get our yearbooks. We first got our yearbooks signed within the class and then we went out to Maxome Park for the water balloon fight. Everyone was first signing yearbooks, however when the water balloons actually arrived, I thought that I could keep signing yearbooks and do the balloon fight after. However, all the balloons ran out after a minute or two. After getting my yearbook signed, I hung out with friends, had some fun (M.C. threatening to pant other people, me swinging J.L. around). Chatted with Mr. Epstein on our FLL's robotics coach, R.C. who I thought went to William Lyon Mackenzie, but went to Marc Garneau. But Mr. Epstein suggested that I could do some of my volunteer hours being mentors to the future CVMS robotics team. I went on the swing soon after and the school was over after that.

I went to Mr. Isaacs and Mr. Gonos to gift my cards, and went to Mrs. Rothauser to get my yearbook signed.

I got my glasses after and that is all there is to today!