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This is where I put down my thoughts occasionally.

Greetings. (Again.)

Hello again. Long time no see.

Ok so since the end of grade 8, I haven't been posting on this blog for a year and three months, until when I took this blog down for maintenance. This maintenance took longer than expected. I now settled on Jekyll to build this site, and I must say that I like this framework. I used to dislike static web frameworks but now I think they are great.

The reason why I didn't post was because I got busy and using an outdated platform (Webgma haven't received updates in a long time) wasn't a great idea. I knew I had to rewrite it but I never got to it. This went on a long time until I started to miss blogging. Blogging helped me summarize my thoughts for review later. Whenever my mind was clogged of various pressing thoughts, I put them into words and my mind would clear up a bit. The best analogy I think I have for this is the Hogwarts Penseive from Harry Potter.

It's now 2021 and I thought that now would be a great time to fix this blog up and start blogging again. So here I am. Theres a lot to catch up and talk about so some of the future posts will talk about myself after I graduated from middle school.

As for my posts previously, I will keep them online for archival purposes. I removed the ability to comment (You can't really allow commenting on a static website anyway without an external service anyway) because I was receiving a lot of spam comments. (Although I received a post on the MaCS entrace exam post and I am really thankful for that comment! If you ever see this post, please email me!)

So just to summarize who I am now:

I am a grade 10 student attending William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute in Toronto. I enjoy programming and participating in various computing related competitions such as competitive programming or CTFs. Whenever I have time I work on software projects that I come up with.

I am really glad that I am now blogging again and I hope to post on a regular basis. I hope to cover almost all exciting things that happened since I stopped blogging. So thanks for reading! See you soon.